An Interview About My New Book

An Interview About My New Book

Check out this interview I did with my publisher about my new book, The End of the World As You Know It. I share a little about why I wrote the book, what I hope readers take from it, as well as a few other things. Here’s a snippet:

My hope for the book is that it will encourage people to think carefully about what the Bible actually says about the so-called “end times.” There’s a lot of wild teaching out there, and my fear is that much of that information is consumed with little critical reflection — which, sadly, leads to fear and anxiety. I mean, eschatology is powerful. People actually make major life decisions based on what they’ve been taught about eschatology — how to vote, where to shop, how to respond to health emergencies, etc. I don’t claim to have the final word on the Bible’s eschatological passages — many of which are actually not all that clear. But what I do know is that these passages need to be handled carefully and not be married to unhelpful modern assumptions. 

Read the entire interview here.

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