Release Day!

Today my new book, The End of the World As You Know It, officially releases into the wild. And I have some super cool news to go along with that… I just received word from my publisher, Lexham Press, that the book is already in its second printing (their first round has been depleted). I’m so grateful! I hope folks are encouraged by what I have written.

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Thinking about the end times isn’t supposed to terrify you

Christians rightly turn to the Bible to make sense of our times. But so often we get the wrong answers because we ask the wrong questions.

In The End of the World as You Know It, Matthew L. Halsted challenges common end-times assumptions and points us back to Scripture. Each chapter reevaluates a popular question in light of the Bible’s own concerns: Will Christians be raptured? What is the mark of the beast? When we let Scripture direct our questions, we get better―and more hopeful―answers.

The Bible was written for us, but not to us. We must bridge the gap between Scripture’s ancient context and our own. Reading end-times texts in their ancient context helps us understand our present and future. And when we do, we find that God’s word brings peace, not fear and confusion.

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