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I use this space as a repository of sorts for articles, videos, and various other clippings that are connected to my research and writing. I recently published a book on hermeneutics entitled Paul and the Meaning of Scripture. My latest book is called The End of the World as You Know It: What the Bible Really Says about the End Times (And Why It’s Good News). It’s not out yet, but it is available for pre-order (see here). I also have several other irons in the fire, including a research project on religious/supernatural experience.

My educational background includes degrees in international studies and philosophy. I also have a PhD in philosophical hermeneutics/biblical studies (London School of Theology/Middlesex University). I have the privilege of working at Eternity Bible College, where I get to teach amazing students alongside fantastic colleagues. Most of my research revolves around philosophical hermeneutics and the philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer, the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament, and Revelation/apocalyptic literature.

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Have you heard about my podcast?
If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out my podcast, The Bible (Unmuted). The focus of every episode is anything relevant to biblical...
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Would ET existence undermine Christianity?
I just published a new article at Premier Christianity on the topic of UFOs and ET. A lot of people are talking about UFOs, now known...
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Reflections on Table, Time, and Church
When it comes to church, one thing I’ve learned is that “community” is important. In fact, the communal life is necessary. And by “community,”...
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Science and Religion
Here is a conversation between Nick Spencer and Philip Ball on science and religion. Their discussion touches on a variety of topics:...
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The Deep Things
I spent time nearly every day last week walking the shoreline. There’s something mesmerizing about it all. The vastness summons you...
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Live life in the slow lane
We often get frustrated with the speed at which God works in our lives (slow and steady). I suspect that, in part, it’s because we...
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