In this podcast, author and professor Matthew Halsted helps listeners understand the Bible in light of its ancient cultural and literary context. These episodes dig deep into the world of Scripture, theology, interpretation, and religion.

But don’t worry: it’s not all cerebral. Each episode comes with practical insights to help listeners walk away with something meaningful and applicable from a Christian worldview. Some episodes are standalone, while others are part of a longer series. Many episodes feature guests (e.g., authors and speakers) who offer their insights into a particular topic. 

*For transcripts of each episode, see below.


Romans Series

Q&A Episodes


  • #2: Encountering Mystery – An Interview with Dale C. Allison – transcript
  • #7: Revelation for the Rest of Us: An Interview with Scot McKnight – transcript
  • #8: The Resurrection of Jesus: An Interview with Gary Habermas – transcript
  • #18: The Judas We Never Knew: An Interview with Jerome Van Kuiken – transcript
  • #22: Bible Education (Unmuted): An Interview with Ernesto Duke and Joshua Walker – transcript
  • #26: Theology and the Bible: An Interview with Andrew Hollingsworth – transcript
  • #30: Receive the Holy Spirit: An Interview with Dr. Dan Wilt – transcript
  • #31: Tell Her Story: An Interview with Nijay Gupta – transcript
  • #37: Are We Alone in the Universe? An Interview with Dr. Paul Thigpen – transcript


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