Podcast Series through Romans

Podcast Series through Romans

I’ve started a new series through Romans on my podcast, The Bible (Unmuted). Here are the first two episodes below. If you find the podcast helpful, consider subscribing and sharing with your friends! You can subscribe via Apple, Google, Spotify, or Amazon.

Romans: Introduction, Part 1
In this episode, Matthew kicks off his extended series through the book of Romans. In this first installment, Matthew focuses on Romans 1:1. Specifically, he talks about Paul’s calling as an apostle and his Damascus Road experience of the risen Christ. The remainder of the time is spent unpacking what Paul meant by “gospel” (Rom 1:1). To guide us in this investigation, Matthew points listeners to an ancient inscription — the so-called “Priene Inscription,” which was written around 9 BC. Arguably, this inscription offers important insights into how people of the first century thought about, and used, the word “gospel.” As a result, it helps us modern readers contextualize the New Testament’s use of the word, too.

Romans: Introduction, Part 2
In this episode, Matthew continues through Romans 1:1-7, finishing up the introduction of Paul’s letter to Romans. He revisits the concept of “gospel” by looking at Isaiah 52:7 and how Paul uses this verse in Romans. Matthew also looks at how Paul thinks Jesus’ resurrection vindicated (=justified) his claim to be “son of God” and how this helps us understand the believer’s own justification in Christ. Listeners are also given a tour into that ambiguous phrase “the obedience of faith” (Romans 1:5). What did Paul mean by this? What is the relationship between obedience and faith? How does this phrase relate to the Jewish Shema prayer in Deuteronomy 6? These and other questions are explored in this episode. In the end, listeners are introduced to a Paul who is thoroughly Jewish and covenantal with respect to his belief that Jesus is the Messiah.

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