Top Ten Posts of 2020

Top Ten Posts of 2020

I am thankful to the Lord that he continues to open doors for me to teach, write, and share my work online. God is good! Before we step into the New Year, I thought I would share the top ten posts of 2020. If you haven’t done so already, take a few moments to check them out and share with your friends. Also, be sure to subscribe to my website so you will receive my monthly newsletter and not miss out on any new posts.

Happy New Year, friends!

Top Ten:

  1. What Does Covid-19 Have to Do with the “Mark of the Beast”?
  2. About that “Mark of the Beast”
  3. Before You Share on Social Media, Read This…
  4. How to Read the Bible Faithfully: Three Things to Remember
  5. John MacArthur on the Mark of the Beast
  6. Off-The-Cuff Musings on Faith, Hope, Love, and Tacos
  7. The Gospel of Caesar?
  8. Here’s How I Think You Should Vote
  9. Thinking About Genesis 1-2, Part 3
  10. A Message to the Oklahoma State House of Representatives

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