Another reason to love Eternity Bible College

Another reason to love Eternity Bible College

I am blessed to be part of Eternity Bible College (EBC). It’s an incredible ministry in so many ways. Since the beginning, EBC has worked hard to provide in-depth biblical/theological education in a way that was financially accessible and debt-free. To this day, that is still very much our goal. It is, in fact, one of our core values as an institution.

Many of our students are international students. Some of them live in parts of the world that have very limited financial resources. Because of this, EBC is making it possible for these students to receive an adjusted, scaled tuition rate—the percentage of which is determined by the individual spending power of their local economy.

We are committed to training up God’s people for God’s work no matter where they live—whether that be in Mexico, South Africa, the United States, Nepal, or wherever. Our goal is simple: Provide quality Bible education in a way that is accessible geographically and financially to everyone.

Check out this video below to learn more.

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