Text Traditions of the Old Testament

Text Traditions of the Old Testament

Here’s a fun video from Mike Heiser, who answers the question, “Was there only one version of the Old Testament in ancient times?” Many Christians are unaware of the various text traditions of the Old Testament, but it’s certainly an important topic that I recommend getting familiar with. Here’s the video description, followed by the clip:

The three text traditions of the Hebrew Bible: the Masoretic texts, Septuagint, and Samaritan Pentateuch, are all very ancient. And they’re all as old as 300 to 200 BCE. They were all found in the Dead Sea Scrolls material. The Qumran scribes preserved all of them. That’s important because what it tells us is they didn’t look at the different editions or versions of the Hebrew Bible and say, “Well, there’s only one that comes from God, and bears the mark of inspiration.” They didn’t do that. And neither should we. Check this out!

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