“The Messiahs in Daniel 9”

“The Messiahs in Daniel 9”

In this episode of The Naked Bible Podcast, Mike and I return to the book of Daniel. This time we explore Daniel 9, which contains a passage where the word “messiah” (“anointed one”) is used a couple times, along with the verb “to anoint.” Are these prophecies about Jesus? How does this passage contribute to the “messianic profile” of the Old Testament? Here’s a description of the episode:

Like the previous episode, this discussion with Dr. Matt Halstead takes us to Daniel 9, a passage that uses mashiach (“anointed one”) twice, as well as the verb mashach (“to anoint”). The passage has historical fulfilment roots in the second century B.C., but also is referenced later by Jesus as something awaiting fulfillment.  In this episode we consider what Daniel 9’s contribution to the messianic profile we’ve been building in this series.

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