Near-Death Experiences: An Interview with Dr. Gary Habermas

Near-Death Experiences: An Interview with Dr. Gary Habermas

This video is part of a larger project that my colleague, Dr. Alan Bandy, and I are working on. The aim behind these interviews is to compile research on various sub-topics that relate to the paranormal genre and supernatural experiences that people claim to have had. Our goal is to help folks understand these things through a Christian perspective.

In this video, we sit down with a leading Christian thinker to chat about near-death experiences (NDEs). Dr. Gary Habermas is well-known for his work on the resurrection of Jesus, as well as his research on the fascinating subject of NDEs. Are near-death experiences nothing more than the product of the experiencer’s imagination? Is there any evidence to support the idea that near-death experiences represent a genuine experience of another realm? How does this phenomenon come to bear upon the western world’s reigning scientific paradigm, namely, philosophical naturalism? Check out this video for answers to these questions and more.

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