Tyndale Conference 2019

Tyndale Conference 2019

I am looking forward to the 2019 Tyndale Fellowship Conference in Cambridge, England. I will be presenting a paper in the Biblical Theology Study Group. The Study Group’s theme this year is “A Biblical Theology Perspective on Salvation.” Here are the details from the website:

Soteriology is an exceptionally important aspect of Christian theology and figures prominently in the field of Systematic Theology. There has been much less discussion of soteriology from the perspective of Biblical Theology. In light of this, the 2019 Biblical Theology study group provides an opportunity to explore this important topic from a variety of different perspectives.

I will be delivering a paper entitled “Scripture and Soteriology: Exploring Paul’s use of the Old Testament and the Salvation of the Gentiles in Romans 9-11.” Should be fun!

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