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Many people report having strange experiences at some point in their life. These experiences are sometimes described in various ways, with terms such as: religioussupernaturalparanormalmiraculousspiritual, etc. 

I don’t think talking about this topic should be considered “fringe,” and neither do I think that a person is crazy just because they have had such experiences. Through the years, I’ve spoken with many people who claim to have witnessed all sorts of strange phenomena (e.g., near-death experiences, interaction with non-human entities, UFO/UAP, as well as experiences that resist any sort of categorization altogether). And I would classify none of the people I’ve spoken with as crazy or deceitful. To the contrary, they are all quite normal, honest, and credible. In fact, some of them are upstanding/leading figures in society, holding PhDs from prestigiuous institutions. That credible people report strange experiences is becoming more well-known, which is why this topic is catching the attention of some researchers in academia.

On a personal level, I know for a fact that people have strange experiences, as I am one of them. And I also know what it means to be hesitant to talk about such experiences (the fear of ridicule, being labeled, etc). My own experience happened nearly 25 years ago. Though I shared it with family and friends early on, I largely kept it under wraps until I had a sudden, unexplainable urge to revisit it several years ago. Since then, I’ve spoken openly about it and, through conversation with friends and colleagues, I’ve found a lot of meaning in doing so. In fact, as I’ve opened up, I’ve discovered that many other people feel courage to come out of the shadows and share their stories as well.

I’m currently working on an extended research project that seeks better understanding on the topic. For research purposes, I’m interested in hearing from people who have been witnesses to, and experiencers of, strange phenomena (of any sort). I’m primarily interested in firsthand accounts (your experience), though I’m open to hearing secondhand accounts, too (e.g., your father’s experience).  

If you feel comfortable sharing, I’d like to hear your story by submitting the form below. Once you submit the form, I’ll be in touch. I understand the sensitivity in sharing such things and the need to preserve privacy, so you have my word that I will never share your name or contact information without your permission. If you’d rather share your story off the record and over the phone, I’m happy to accommodate that request (just say so in the comment box below). 

Matthew L. Halsted, PhD

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