Thanks for visiting! I use this website as a repository of sorts for articles, videos, and various other clippings that are connected to my research and writing. Currently, I have two writing projects I’m finishing up. The first, an academic book, is called Paul and the Meaning of Scripture (see here for more information). It should be available sometime around July 2022. The second is a popular-level book on eschatology (“the end times”). It won’t be available until the end of the year (at least). 

My educational background includes degrees in international studies and philosophy. I also have a PhD in philosophical hermeneutics/biblical studies (London School of Theology/Middlesex University). I have the privilege of serving as the registrar / associate professor of biblical studies at Eternity Bible College. My research interests include: philosophical hermeneutics/Gadamer, the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament, Paul, Revelation/apocalyptic literature.


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