Would ET existence undermine Christianity?

Would ET existence undermine Christianity?

I just published a new article at Premier Christianity on the topic of UFOs and ET. A lot of people are talking about UFOs, now known as UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena). And with the recent public hearing in the U.S. Congress, a lot of people will continue to do so. At the congressional hearing, testimony was given by three witnesses — two pilots and one intelligence officer. The latter, David Grusch, has made some rather jaw-dropping allegations in a recent interview with Ross Coulthart on NewsNation. Today (July 26), he testified under oath in Congress. These testimonies will only increase the public’s curiosity, I suspect.

I was in the throes of writing/publishing this article when the announcement was made that there would be a hearing on July 26, so the timing has been fun. At any rate, I start the article with a discussion on UAPs and David Grusch’s claims. But the primary question I address is whether or not Christianity could accommodate the existence of extraterrestrials. Also, while writing the article, I also had the opportunity to chat with Ross Coulthart, one of the journalists who first broke the Grusch story. A link to that conversation is below, too.

Link to article: “Why it’s time for Christians to take UFOs Seriously”

Link to conversation w/Coulthart: An Interview with Ross Coulthart

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