Welcome to my personal website. Here you will find information about my academic background, research interests, bibliographies, and current projects. I use this website as an avenue of sorts for blogging about various things that I find interesting. (I suppose I should give a word of warning: I’m interested in a range of things!).

My main passion in life is to help “bridge the gap” between the church and the academy. For various reasons, the critical work of scholars does not trickle down into the church, which is extremely unfortunate. As an ordained minister, working in a full-time capacity within a local church, and as an adjunct professor with a PhD who regularly participates in the scholarly arena, I can speak firsthand about the importance of bringing the church and the academy together.


A.A. International Studies – Rose State College

B.A. Philosophy –   University of Central Oklahoma

Ph.D. Biblical Studies/Hermeneutics –  London School of Theology/Middlesex University (UK) | Thesis: Intertextual Chaos? Investigating Paul’s use of Hosea in Romans 9:25-26 in light of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Philosophical Hermeneutics. (Supervisor: Thorsten Moritz, PhD)

Additional Graduate Studies

University of Oklahoma, Biola University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

Research Interests

-Philosophical Hermeneutics/Gadamer

-Biblical Intertextuality

-Pesharim & CD (Dead Sea Scrolls)

-Philosophy of Religion


-Senior Pastor | Ordained: February 2012

-Adjunct Professor (online) at Eternity Bible College – Hermeneutics; Worldview & Apologetics; Minor Prophets; Biblical Theology of the Old Testament

-Lecturer at Oklahoma Baptist UniversityOld Testament History and Literature; Eschatology in Christian Thought

Research & Writing

Matthew L. Halsted, “A Short Note on סוּת in the Old Testament” (in progress)

Matthew L. Halsted, “Can God be Incited to Cause Suffering? Evaluating the use of סוּת in Job 2:3 in Light of the Traditional Problem of Evil” (in progress)

Matthew L. Halsted, Paul and the Meaning of Scripture: A Philosophical-Hermeneutic Approach to Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans (in progress; under review).

Matthew L. Halsted, “Scripture and Soteriology: Exploring Paul’s Use of the Old Testament and the Salvation of the Gentiles in Rom 9-11” (in progress)

Matthew Lloyd Halsted, review of Dru Johnson, Scripture’s Knowing: A Companion to Biblical EpistemologyReview of Biblical Literature [http://www.bookreviews.org] (2019).

Matthew Lloyd Halsted, review of David I. Starling, Hermeneutics as Apprenticeship: How the Bible Shapes Our Interpretive Habits and Practices, Review of Biblical Literature [http://www.bookreviews.org] (2018).

Matthew Halsted, “Democracy in an Age of Folly and Passion,” The Baptist Messenger, vol. 105, no. 11 (March 17, 2016).

Lectures, Academic Conferences, & Speaking Engagements

“Scripture and Soteriology: Exploring Paul’s use of the Old Testament and the Salvation of the Gentiles in Romans 9-11.” 2019 Tyndale Fellowship Conference, Tyndale House, Cambridge, England (UK).

“Dialogical Re-Authoring: A New Description for Paul’s Use of the Old Testament with Romans 4 as a Case Study.” 2019 SW Regional Evangelical Theological Society, New Orleans, LA.

Angell College Worship Studies Forum, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK (Nov 2018). At the invitation of Dr. Stephen Sims (Asst. Prof. of Music), I delivered a talk on the subject of worship planning as it pertains to the local church.

Hobbs College Philosophy Forum, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK (Sep 2018). At the invitation of Dr. Tawa Anderson (Director, Honors Program), I delivered a lecture entitled “The Value of Philosophy in Theological Studies.”

Hobbs College Faculty Seminar, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK (Sept 2018). At the invitation of Dr. Heath Thomas (Dean, Hobbs College), I delivered a paper entitled “Intertextual Chaos? Understanding Paul’s Use of Scripture through Gadamerian Eyes with Romans 9:25-26 as a Case Study” to the Hobbs College faculty. The purpose was to share with the faculty about my PhD research.

“Gadamer’s Philosophical Hermeneutics and Paul’s Use of the Shema in Romans 3:30.” 2016 SW Regional Evangelical Theological Society, Dallas, TX.

“Intertextual Chaos? Paul’s Use of Hosea in Rom 9:25-26 and How Gadamer can Help.” 2014 SW Regional Evangelical Theological Society, Ft. Worth, TX.

Conference on the Arts; “The Power of Story.” St. John’s Episcopal Church, Sonora, TX, 2012.

Southwest Philosophy Conference for Undergraduates. The University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK, 2006. I presented a response paper on deontological ethics.